Things to Note Before Selecting Paint Colors

Things to Note Before Selecting Paint Colors: If there’s one thing in this world why we love home renovations, it would be the color picking part. Picking the right colors for your home can get as challenging as the level of excitement you experience. Selecting paint is one of the daunting stuff you’ll ever come through, but if done with proper research this can be just like the walk in the park. This might seem too easy but, when you are near to the deciding part it’ll be confusing enough to pick out a dark color for living room rather than a more serene hue. On this round, will enlighten you with seven factors you need to look out before selecting paint.

1. The Natural Light

Darker colors often create bold statements. Well, this is a myth! Darker colors when blended with the perfect natural light can create bold statements. This is the one thing we usually forget while choosing colors. The reach and effect of natural light. Without natural lights, your dark toned walls will look rather depressing and dramatic than bold and resolute.

2. The Color Vibrancy

Being inspired by magazines, we usually go for cheeky and cheery colors for our walls. So, when you proceed with these bright and saturated colors things might not go around well as you expected. The colors might often end up far too overwhelming, especially for tiny spaces or rooms. However, these flashy colors would look alluring when matched up with neutral tones or even white furnishings. Always keep a note that without a well-lit and an airy environment brighter hues will be intense and visually disturbing.

3. Limited Vision for Painting

While selecting paint, most of our vision will be limited to just a single room. For example, while selecting a hue for the living room, we diminish our vision on to how the living room must look and totally forgets about the kitchen which is just extending from your living room. So, even while selecting a paint for any specific room you must picture your whole house and make sure the selected paint will go well with the rest of the rooms.

4. Emotional Goal

Everyone has a favorite color. And we would love to have this color painted where ever we need. But, this is the part where we leave our emotional goals behind. Red can be your favorite color. But having a bright red hue in your bedroom might cause you traumas and panic attacks. Each room has its own nature and a palette of colors to back it. If you want a room that’s placid in nature and serene in character, you might want to re-check your color wheel for blue and green shades. Or if you need a room which is pumped up with positivity and good vibes, you must go with warmer colors like yellows and oranges.

5. Choosing Color From Paint Chips to Tiny Swatches

 Relying on paint chips for selecting paint can be daunting. A paint chip viewed in the local paint store can’t be enough to let you know how the color will look on the walls of your house. The exact paint can look drastically different in different environments.

Once you’ve shortlisted the paints, you must go for testing these colors on your walls before finalizing it. If you are expecting to see the full effect just by painting a 5-inch swatch, things would be a bit hard. Paint the colors in large swatches and observe them under different lights and shades. Before finalizing go for a second coat on these swatches. This will give the exact final impression of how your wall will look after the project.

6. Picking Your Paint Color First

This is actually an involuntary mistake we all make when we prepare for newer hues. We would suggest picking out colors should be the last thing that should come to your mind. The problem with picking the color first is that it would literally pin you to a corner leaving no room for innovations and creativity. Once your room is painted you must go in search of the decors and furniture that match your paint. But, if you consider the reverse i.e, choose your decors and furniture first and match your wall paint accordingly, things would seem rather easy and stress-free.

7. Ignoring Trends

By painting, you are basically upgrading your rooms and home. So, staying updated with the current trends in colors might be helpful. Opting for unique and rare colors and matching them with the environment and decors might really be a challenging and bold decision you can take. Research on the colors and pick one. For example, colors like lavender and black, metal and brass will radiate a rich, sophisticated and a masculine look.


Painting is fun and what makes it even more addictive is the color selection part. Be daunting, always experiment with new hues and decors. We hope this article will be of a great help when you are on to your next paint job.





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