Things Every Young Environmentalist Should do on International Earth Day


Are you an environmentalist? Were your born as one? Do you know about International Earth Day?

What To Do on International Earth Day: We are living in a world where even the rich doesn’t have enough resources to clean air and pure drinking water. Think about the situation of the middle class and the poor. The most habitat-able planet in our solar system is being polluted day-by-day. We have been seeing the consequences of these actions lately but still, those aren’t enough for our human race. We find more and more ways to kill our planet and its habitats. The possibilities of Earth going back to the stone age can’t be ruled out as leaders and dictators are busy building their war machines and atomic warheads. These aren’t the things only environmentalists should think. Since this is a gruesome situation that’ll affect the whole human race, it is time you step into the game before it’s too late.

Things Every Young Environmentalist Should do on International Earth Day

“We don’t have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment : Dennis Weaver

International Earth Day which is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd, and has a pious motto of promoting or educating the world about the importance of fostering a sustainable healthy environment and protecting the earth from further damage. Since protecting our planet and Mother Nature is every person’s responsibility, it is time to wake up the young environment lover in you. Jusbuzz brings you some tips that you can do to make the most of International Earth Day…

1. Give a Rest to Your Vehicle

From the latest environment survey, it has been noted that 80% of the pollution comes from our vehicles. Whether it’s a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, the number of impurities they emit while on road just enormous. With carbon-dioxides and carbon-monoxides being emitted on to the Earth’s atmosphere in enormous quantities how long did you think we can survive.

So, on this International Earth Day give a day off to your vehicle. Keep it back in the garage itself. The amount of fuel you’ll save and the amount of fresh air you’ll inhale will be great compared to the past days. Use cycles or travel on foot. This is good to burn some calories too.

2. Stay Organic

The whole point of Earth Day is to be environmentally friendly. Try to stay organic as much as you can. Eradicate plastic and non-degradable stuff from your home and don’t encourage its use. Plastic is one amongst the major pollutants that kills the Earth slowly.

Using environment friendly bags can be a better alternative to plastic bags. Keeping your surroundings clean is the first step you can take towards a clutter-free Earth.

3. Volunteer For an Environmental Group

The best thing you can do on the International Earth Day is to enroll for an environmental group. In a world where environmental activities are diminished just to seminars and presentations, finding a Nature club can be difficult. But, don’t lose hope. There are still some active groups that works together for protecting the environment nearby. Take part actively in their campaigns and activities to relish the vibe of International Earth Day.

4. Eat Green

Does being on a vegan diet on International Earth Day save Earth’s future? Absolutely not! But, a vegan diet on International Earth Day might help you to regain your strength from the long day.Invite your friends and family for a Earth Day special dinner. Come up with a menu that uses minimal ingredients from your kitchen garden. Include leafy vegetables and fruits in your recipe. A vegetable salad might be best for starters.

5. Save Energy

 Are you still using those old, yellow and ugly incandescent lights? Well, it’s time to step up to a more energy efficient light source. Use LED bulbs to save both energy and your bill. The amount of energy being wasted from incandescent bulbs in the form of heat is more than enough to power up a whole village in India. Also, make sure you switch off all the lights for an hour on this day to respect our Earth and for all the things She has provided.

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