How Does Lights Control Moods

How Lights Control Moods:Have you ever experienced abrupt mood swings or get unexpected blues while sitting on a couch apparently for no reason? If yes, then you need to shift your attention towards the light combination that you’re being exposed on a daily basis. Lights control moods!! Yes, it does! The latest survey that different kind of lights you make yourself exposed to could be influential to our emotional well being. Jusbuzz brings you seven ways how lights control moods.

How Does Lights Control Moods

1. Bright Light Intensifies Emotions

A recent study in 2014 suggests that human emotions under bright light intensify and they become warmer even when room temperature is being kept unchanged. Also, humans feel more energetic as the intensity of light increases.

2. Soft Light Arouses Pleasure Hormones

Well, we all know why bars and massage parlors always operate under shady and dim lights. Got it! Soft light always triggers the arousal of pleasure hormones – The Endorphins and Dopamine. Yes, they are the natural painkillers. Also, your creative juices flow effortlessly when the lights around turn down.

3. Natural light Lift up your Mood

Did you ever notice why you feel motivated and more energized on sunny days and drowsy in overcast weather? This is because sunlight rays are responsible for evoking alertness and revitalizing your body functionality by distributing energy throughout your body.
Now you got the point why you are more productive and focused in the morning and daylight.

4. Dark Lights could raise Depression Levels

Why does a sense of loneliness prevail only under the gloomy shades? It is a scientifically proven fact that exposure to dim lights or lights of longer wavelength evokes stress hormone that causes fear and depression level rise in human mind. Also, as longer wavelengths lights carry less energy, we tend to speak in a feeble tone.

5. Your Appetite varies with Light Intensity

Yes! It sounds strange, but it is a fact that your appetite depends on the intensity of light. This is the reason why all restaurants reduce the light levels to dim and soft. So, people consume less food and eat slowly at a languid pace.

6. Blue Light Importance

Exposure to the source that emits blue light allows our brain to grasp information quicker and accurate. Lights those are shorter in wavelength and high in energy helps in making us more productive. Not only humans, even birds, and animals also get excited when exposed themselves under the clean blue sky – Ever notices birds soar up high when the sky is clear and blue.

7. Change in Behaviour

So far we have known that different colors of light and varying intensity affect our mind and actions. But did you know our behavior toward others also get affected by this? The human body clock gets triggered by specific retina receptors that help in secretion of the hormones like adrenaline. Therefore, as intensity heightens, our voice tone also gets louder, and we tend to speak in a soft voice when the light is kept dim.

So, you have seen how the types of light and different lighting levels play a crucial role in our overall emotional being. Lights control moods and it is essential to keep the right balance and manipulate your everyday lighting exposure for the better.

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