Beat the Heat – As Summer Season Strikes!!

Beat the Heat: How to be safe from the summer heat. What comes to your mind when you think of summer? Coolers??? The king of Fruit- Mangoes?? What can you do to be safe from the summer heat? When the scorching heat temperature reaches 40 in April, it’s hard to imagine what this summer has in store for us. With indifferent mood to heat sucking the energy out of you, you start counting days for it to end.

Beat the Heat – As Summer Strikes!!

Well, worry not! JusBuzz have some super easy tips just to love summer and to BEAT THE HEAT and stay super active-


Stay hydrated and eat right throughout the day to be safe from the summer heat. Drink lots of water and fresh juices to manage your water content in the body. You have best fruits like Watermelon and Muskmelon but, apart from this lemonade works the best. Say NO to junk, spicy and oily foods as in summer’s body has low digestion process so, substitute it with high fiber food.

Don’t ditch your workout

You feel lethargic during summer, but this shouldn’t stop you from your workout regime. Here is a simple tip which will work wonders for you. Add two tablespoon of glucose to your water and keep sipping it from time-to-time. This will act as an ultra-booster to keep you up and running the whole day…

Say NO to tanning

Take care of your skin from the harsh rays in the summer. Use SPF (ranging from 15-30) to avoid tanning of your skin. Apply 20 mins before you step out in the sun. If possible during peak hours when the sun is at the top try to stay indoors. Also, take a skincare routine to banish the skin tan.

Cotton and linen on the go!!

Pick up some light color cotton and linen clothes as they keep you cool and soak the sweat. Try to avoid synthetic garments in summers. Go out and show some love for the white and you’ll be safe from the summer heat. With some summer trends and styles, you can be a refreshing fashionista.

Pamper your eyes

To protect your vision wear proper sunglasses which block at least 99% of your UV rays. After taking appropriate preventives still, you can be prone to some allergies or eyes getting dried so. Consult a doctor as soon as you can and get a proper eye drops for them, or ice packs can do a good job as well.

Vacay Time!!

Take advantage of summer’s slower schedule by using your vacation time to unwind. It’s a better time to escape with your family to some exotic locations away from the mundane chores. This will give a booster to your health by maintaining your hormones, stress, etc.

Summers are equally vibrant and exciting though it’s not your favorite season. But, leverage the use of cooler and don’t miss to grab the delicious king of fruit – Mango and also some ice candies. So gear up and make the best out of this season by staying hydrated and fresh.

Happy Summers!!!! And stay safe from the summer heat!!!

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