Google Duplex: All about Google I/O 2018 and Google Duplex

Google I/O 2018 and Google Duplex: Google I/O 2018 have been one of the hottest topics on the internet since last week. With its new and innovative features, Google has always managed to amaze each and every human alive. With Google Pixel 2 being announced a few months ago they have come up with a new and smarter way to provide juice to their “tamed beast” with improvises AI. Google Duplex, one of the most awaited features we look up on to in the upcoming Android P firmware has been revealed and believe us it’s breathtaking.

In this edition, JusBuzz is bringing you all the details on Google I/O 2018 and Google’s new AI Google Duplex…


Google I/O 2018

Google’s I/O have always attracted techies from all over the world. What Google provides along with their conference is a peep into the future. It is an annual developer conference where Google announces its new hardware, software updates, and much more.

This year’s Google I/O 2018 saw revolutionary products and software updates. The official reveal of Android P has brought high hopes on the device performance optimization and battery management for many of the android fans. Google talked a lot about what to expect from Android P and their upcoming services.

With the new dashboard featuring in Android P, Google has finally taken a dig at the new world’s smartphone obsession reduction. The devices are also getting an adaptive battery feature along with the new update. Google proclaims that this feature can save up your smartphone’s battery up to 60-70% per instance.


The Mystical Google Duplex

Google Duplex was one of the most prominent catches of Google I/O 2018. With the new update, Google Assistant will be rolling out six new voices to make it feel more humane in communicating. Well, they even took a greater step on this by adding John Legend’s voice as one of the six. Too much to ask from a smartphone right?

Well, the story doesn’t end here. Google I/O 2018 saw one of the most innovative and efficient versions of Google’s own AI Duplex. They have infused all their resources and massive databases from the beginning to make this technology possible. Google Duplex is a voice-oriented AI software from Google which can make your life easier and hassle-free. From the Google Duplex Demo, the phone made a call to the nearest hair salon to book an appointment. Well, the girl on the other end never even had an idea that she was talking to an AI.  


The Future Scope

Since the era of self-driving cars isn’t too far away, the scope of Google duplex is totally undeniable. Google’s AI can be one of the omnipresent software that can make the whole world a better place to live in. What if there will be a time where you don’t need to drive your car to get to the office when your personal AI can get you to your desired place with just the words “ Ok Google, let’s go to work”. And you don’t need to worry about the parking too. The car might drive back home without you. And same goes for picking up you from office too.

Another scenario is that you are at the office and you exactly know your baby is gonna be awake in a while. Because you baby monitor powered by Google Duplex says it. You’ll have the options to set a lullaby in your voice, rock the baby’s cradle and manage the temperature with just a few words “ Ok Google, my baby’s awake”.         

Since the scope of Google Duplex’s reach and functionality is beyond our thoughts, it would be great to hold on to our seatbelts and wait for the AI to be live.


The VPS Magic

Google took the next step to revolution when it came down to navigation systems. Even though, we have high precision GPS systems, finding the right destination has always been challenging. Google introduced their VPS navigation software (Visual Positioning Service) that uses augment reality on phones and tablets to get you to the right destination. VPS uses your phones camera and other navigation hardware to guide you in the right way. With VPS you have the chance to find even indoor navigation as GPS only shows point-to-point navigation.

There were many other updates coming with Android P and one of the major updates is in the Photos app. Google’s new update helps you edit the photos more precisely and even clear out the obstacles which are obstructing your photos. It could be anything liek a wire mesh, a fence or even a smudge. Android P is expected to be rolled out on all the Google Pixel phones before other manufacturers.

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