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Well, if you are looking to dig deep for finding about us, then allow us to ease your hassle. JusBuzz.com is all about bringing “all the buzz” that’s happening around you within the reach of your fingertips. We, the JusBuzz team is one of the fastest growing online entertaining websites. With a well regularly updated contents and contests, we have been helping the world in giving a proper meaning to the term ‘stress-reliever’. The following paragraphs will clearly tell all about us and what we do.

We have categorized our website into 4 points of interests; Global, Lifestyle, Technology, and Sports. These four categories will make sure you are updated will all the latest and hottest news. Our Global category will contain all the international news and recent happening around the globe. The Lifestyle will be a cluster of tips and hacks which can make your day-to-day life hassle-free, or if you are looking for a quick tip on fashion for that late night date, lifestyle can be your best buddy. With Technology and Sports, we are providing a very detailed insight into all the latest tech including smartphones reviews. Whether you are a Messi fan or Ronaldo fan, Jusuzz.com’s sports page is worth a visit. This is the perfect hub for all sports enthusiasts and pundits.

JusBuzz is all about killing some time with some quality contents. With a team of experienced bloggers and creative heads, we are growing day by day. We strive to be very accurate on the data we post by leaving no stone unturned as we dig into the heart of every story both on the national and International level.
We are one of the best platforms for amateur bloggers as we will never turn our heads from talent and a pure talent will never go unnoticed. JusBuzz is rigged with fascinating and alluring posts and blogs from all over the world.
For issues regarding advertisement, copyright issues or ideas sharing, you can contact us on our social media sites or you can moreover contact us directly through our contact page.




Krunal Pardhi is one of the founders of “JusBuzz”. He is the brain behind all the SEO and generating traffic. He is always passionate and motivated about his work and always tries to give his best. He has a dream to get success and to be listed in top bloggers from India.





Teddy is one of the founders of Jusbuzz.com, the e-magazine. He is also a freelance blogger and an emerging entrepreneur. With his enthusiastic mind and optimistic thoughts, he believes that he can make the world a better place to live in through words.






A Cancerian lady with a bundle of mixed emotions. Revati is a social media enthusiast and a marketer. A die-hard panda lover and a hardcore foodie. Travelling is her all-time therapy and singing is her all-time favorite. Well, she’s the crazy buzzing bee of JusBuzz….





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